Installing Tensorflow Nightly Builds

tensorflow is a fast-evolving machine learning library. Often, I want to have access to the latest features but want to avoid the pain of compiling tensorflow from source or waiting for the next release.

Fortunately, the continuous integration service that is used to run tests on tensorflow produces nightly builds. The resulting python wheels can be installed easily using pip. For example, to install tensorflow on a Mac without a GPU using python3, you can run the following command.

pip install,TF_BUILD_IS_PIP=PIP,TF_BUILD_PYTHON_VERSION=PYTHON3,label=mac-slave/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/pip_test/whl/tensorflow-0.11.0rc1-py3-none-any.whl

To explore the python wheels for other operating systems or configurations, have a browse through the nightly builds. Note that the CPU only builds are grouped under the tag nightly-matrix-cpu for both Linux and Mac OS X, but the GPU builds can be found under separate tags: nightly-matrix-mac-gpu for Mac OS X and nightly-matrix-linux-gpu for Linux.